Nancy Boxer, RN, CHt

Psychotherapy and

Clinical Hypnotherapy

A few sessions can help you achieve more perspective, freedom and joy.


Welcome to my on-line office, where you can relax, put your feet up and take a few deep breaths. Away from the everyday, I provide a safe space where you can focus on what troubles you, untangle the knots, gain a better perspective. Maybe find a new direction or change some old, bad habits. Maybe find your footing in a stormy sea.


But first, take a moment just for yourself. Ahhhh! Close your eyes if you'd like, and enjoy some peace and quiet refreshment.


Then, whenever you’re ready to begin, we start with the simple question, “What’s been weighing on you?”


Whatever simple or knotty tangle you have, you can begin to find support here in combing it out. 


Together we can work through the issues using talk therapy, dreamwork, meditation, empty chair work, sand tray or hynotic trance. Plus I can offer some great tools for managing stress, depression, toxic relationships. Step by step we can ease old wounds, find clarity, build and strengthen your foundation for a healthier life. 


I work with adults from age 18 to 99, restoring freedom, improving daily function, helping you find joy.



Emotional  support

* Anxiety, anger and control issues

* Alleviating depression

* Building self-esteem

* Healing relationships

* Trust and abandonment issues

* Dreams and nightmares

* Post-traumatic stress and gradual desens-itization

* Grief counseling

* Finding support during transition

Find clarity and depth

Clear old, bad habits

Habit change


* Weight and food issues


* Free yourself from compulsions


* Stop smoking and other unhealthy habits or addictions


* Lifestyle and attitude change


* Improved self-care


* Make better choices


* Stop lying or cheating


* From procrastinator to doer in a few easy steps


* Learn to be your own best friend


Support for physical health


* Stress management


* Sleep issues


* Nutrition and wellness


* Coping with chronic pain and illness


Physical conditions with a mind/body connection


* Promote healing


* Pre- and post-surgical support

Develop strength from within

Shed fear and find more joy

Stress management and personal growth


* Learn to nurture and love yourself


* Practice tools to reduce anxiety, fears and phobias


* Build confidence


* Improve your sleep


* Overcome stumbling blocks


* Find new focus


* Past life regression


* Contact with guardian angels


* Learn to be happier

Every person has a story to tell.

Every person also has the ability to change their story.

Because of my emphasis on short-term therapy, most sessions include easy to use tools and techniques to soothe, develop and reinforce inner strength on your own. Why pursue lengthy therapies which create dependence on paid providers, when a short-term approach can bring such great rewards, cost less and support your independent growth and development? 

My office is conveniently located in Havertown, PA. Contact me for a free phone consultation or to set up an appointment:  

nboxer at 


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