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Testimonials for My Practice

“You really helped me take back control in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nancy!” – Annie, teacher

“Two sessions with Nancy and I haven’t had a night of insomnia since. Thanks for giving me my life back!” – Norma, graphic designer

“Wow! I never realized I could be . . . happy!” – Sue, government employee

“Thank you for this year; it has been the best year ever!” – CW, event organizer

“I’m reluctant to finish my sessions - I like this stuff!” – Jim, financial adviser

“I’ve worked with a number of therapists before I found Nancy. I find her a pleasure to work with.” – N.R., interior designer

“Your voice is so soothing!” – Nicole, student

“I struggled with being a night person in a daytime world for years. Nancy helped me turn this around in just two sessions. I’m even cheerful in the mornings now!” – Jonathan, chiropractor

“I don’t feel like a little girl anymore. Thank you, Nancy, for helping me feel like a grown-up.” – Sara, nurse

“Thanks for giving my sleep back to me!” – Dominique, student

“I really appreciate the work we’ve done together. You are such a lovely person!” – Philip, restaurateur

"I've worked with many therapists before I found you. You're the first one who helped me put everything together." - Adriana M, manager

“I’m so pleased to be your client!” – Mary, mortgage broker

“Nancy, you are wonderful.” – GG, writer

“Nancy, you are a star! I don’t think I could have gotten myself into the operating room without you.” – LS, activist

“Hey, I don’t have to keep smoking and quitting and smoking again. Thank you very, very much!” – Don S, financial services

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