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Susan*, age 50, had been in therapy with a well-known psychiatrist for several years. She was making progress on a variety of issues, but somehow she and her psychiatrist were not able to change her continuing pattern of unsatisfying relationships with men. Over several sessions in my office Susan began revisiting memories of horrendous childhood abuse, including the very moment she “turned to stone.” Using Gestalt and Positive Psychology techniques, I gave her the support she needed to nurture and comfort her younger self, to recognize the mistakes made by her mother and stepfather, and ultimately to forgive them. She began dating again, and is now happily married.



Peter's snacking allowed him to function in a constantly stressful work environment. Yet being overweight took a noticeable toll on his health. In trance I helped him envision adopting healthier food and exercise habits. In the process we discovered how he began eating as a child for comfort when other children bullied him and when his parents neglected him. Using empty chair techniques, he recognized that his inner self could be nourished from a variety of sources, deeper and more satisfying than chocolate or popcorn would ever be.



Leah, 24, had a great deal of trouble making decisions. With her best friend relocating to another state, she was terrified that she would be lost without her support. Over the course of three sessions we explored the basis of her indecision, growing up in a household filled with worry over chronic illness and the life-or-death decisions her parents had to make. Leah realized she was actually quite good at making decisions at work, and she could apply the same faith in herself she found at work to the rest of her life. Leah gained confidence and felt independent at last.



Anthony, 18, suffered from recurring choking sensations, which sent him rushing to see his MD. The doctor could find nothing wrong physically, but Anthony and his mother got more frightened with every occurrence. Working together, we discovered a history of having to choke down his words under certain conditions, beginning with his angry father and continuing with teachers and a sarcastic boss. After I helped him re-pattern a healthier response to authority, his choking sensations ceased.



Teresa, 35, was scheduled for more surgery on her knee after the first operation failed to clear things up. In hypnosis we explored a series of older wounds to her leg, starting with the first break, decades before, when her older brothers ganged up to keep her from following after them. Resolving old hurts helped Teresa feel ready for treatment. After the operation, her doctor was astounded at how quickly she healed.


Justin, 45, worked in a high-stress office and he had little support at home. I taught him some simple meditation and breathing techniques which helped him get through short-term crises. We used Cognitive Behavior Therapy to increase his awareness of thought patterns that held him back, and trance to create new patterns offering more emotional resilience. He found he was happier, more productive and motivated at work when his stress level diminished.



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* All names and other identifying information have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals described.



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